The Visorak and the Matoran is a one-shot comedy by Lewa0111 , and the first new brand-new content that he has written since the Second Dataclysm.


Random Matoran #35 and several companions are wandering the streets of Metru Nui when they are suddenly pursued by Roporak (of Ask Matau! fame), who is riding a cheese typhoon. They take shelter in The Nuva Inn and encounter Tava , who demands pie. Since none of the Matoran have any pie, Tava leaves the Inn to find more.

Later, Roporak has finished eating the typhoon and is in search of more cheese when he crashes into Tava. Both Roporak and Tava refuse to move out of the way of one another until they find their respective favorite food; an argument ensues but leads nowhere. Eventually, everyone in the area is forced to evacuate due to the argument getting too annoying, and Krakua places a soundproofing field over the two food-obsessed characters.

Centuries later, neither Roporak nor Tava have budged an inch, to the point where a "Cheese and Pie Stubbornness Memorial" was built around them without either noticing. Several stories above this, a chef presents a new dessert he has invented to an eager crowd: Cheese Pie. In their excitement, the crowd accidentally knocks it over the edge of the walkway where it falls down into the memorial. Several moments later, in another part of the city, Random Matoran #35 is again walking down the street when a tornado of cheese pie erupts from beneath him, controlled by Tava and Roporak.


  • This is the only one-shot prose comedy Lewa0111 has written that is not part of a series or written for a contest.
  • The three Matoran mentioned with Random Matoran #35 at the beginning, Aaa, Shuu, and Marka, were the names of the three main characters in Lewa0111's contest entry, "Three Silly Names" (which was sadly lost to the Second Dataclysm).
  • The font-feature "argument" between Tava and Roporak is based on a similar argument seen in a comedy about Bob the Pirate :pirate: that formerly existed in the archives. 

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