The Nuva Inn, also known as TNI, was the first comedy written by Lewa0111. It was also the first comedy remade after the switch to the new forums. Both versions are done in script style, and have various chapters that are either stand-alone or part of multi-part "sagas." The plot (when there is one) revolves around the Toa Nuva and the rest of the cast attempting to run their 9,321-story hotel, while Lewa continues to dream up zany schemes to make even more money. The remake is currently active on the forums and is being updated generally every other day, with Ask Matau! being updated on the off days.

Original TopicEdit

The original topic, which could be found here prior to the archive deletion, was Lewa0111's first comedy. Though it started out rather noobish due to the author's lack of experience with writing, it quickly grew into a success. It featured many characters, with most of them being forgotten about for periods of time due to how many there were. The original comedy began in 2006 and continued with occasional hiatuses (hiati?) up until the forum change, when it was replaced by the remake. Between Chapters 32 and 33 of the remake, the archives were deleted and thus all chapters going forward are no longer based strictly on existing chapters.


After going back and re-reading the old comedy in order to write the remake, Lewa0111 noticed many unaddressed plotholes in the original chapters, most of which were then turned into jokes in the remake. They were:

  • Lewa randomly speaking treespeak in the first two chapters, then inexplicably stopping after this (was referenced by a later running joke during the "moon saga")
  • Tahu not being given a job in the initial list (made into a joke in the remake)
  • No start to the Keetongu "copyright copyrights" joke (given an origin on 2 occasions in the remake)
  • The pool issue in Chapter 4 never getting resolved (pointed out in remake and later fixed)
  • The Vahi disappearing after Pohatu uses it in Chapter 3 (shows up again in Chapter 7 in the remake)
  • The chapters after chapter 7 erroneously being numbered Chapters 6, 7, 7, and 8 (referenced multiple times by the characters and fixed in the remake)
  • Onua inexplicably arguing with himself instead of a different character in Chapter 23 (pointed out in the remake)
  • The Toa Nuva never returning to the Inn at the end of Chapter 23 (pointed out in the remake)
  • Nobody remembering that Onua had a job (fixed and pointed out in the remake)
  • A good chunk of the cast mysteriously vanishing for chapters at a time (fixed or pointed out in the remake wherever it happens)
  • Guest star Onewa Fan being described redundantly as "a brown version of Toa Onewa" (pointed out in the remake)

The RemakeEdit

The remade version of The Nuva Inn was begun in 2011, shortly after the forums were moved to the new site. Most of the chapters were rewritten to be consistent with the higher quality of Lewa0111's more recent writings, though the original plots were kept the same. Also, references to BIONICLE things that happened after the original chapters were written were added in some places. The remake is currently up to Chapter 33 and is still going strong despite the archive deletion.

Major ChangesEdit

Though the bulk of the comedy was kept the same, some things were changed more prominently than others.

  • Chapter 1: Beginning segment was added referencing the switch from original to remake, and Onua is now the character arguing with the narrator instead of it being a different character each chapter (continued for all future chapters).
  • Chapter 2: Hotel Next Door scene completely changed to keep it there as competition rather than being used for a one-off joke.
  • Chapter 3: Hotel Next Door scene added.
  • Chapter 3.5: "Narrator Tryouts" scene expanded, and a scene with the CWG, Lewa, and Zaktan singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight added to the beginning.
  • Chapter 4: The pool now gets fixed at the end of the chapter.
  • Chapter 5: Tahu and Lewa coming up with the idea for the play was expanded.
  • Chapter 6: Lewa has more trouble writing the script, including a scene where he just draws an Avohkii on a tablet instead of writing anything.
  • Chapter 7: No major changes were made.
  • Chapter 8: A scene involving Lewa's embarrassing "personal script" was added.
  • Chapter 9: Completely rewritten to continue the play rather than the 3-chapter Emoticon Master saga.
  • Chapter 10: The tryout scene with Dani was eliminated, mainly because she is no longer active on BZPower.
  • Chapter 10.5: No major changes were made.
  • Chapter 11: Scrambler scene was changed to fit the characters' obsessions better.
  • Chapter 12: No major changes were made.
  • Chapter 13: Kohrak-Kal scene was expanded to give him a bigger role. Bohrok Swarm was fixed to explain how Takanuva kept his Bohrok army even after the time reversal.
  • Chapter 14: The ending, with the fight, was changed so that Lewa wins and lots of awesome stuff happened that was skipped over by a commercial break.
  • Chapter 15: Some additional randomness was added to the end to lengthen the chapter.
  • Chapter 16: The Rahkshi were expanded to be better opposites to the main cast.
  • Chapter 17: Ask Matau! reference was added.
  • Chapter 18: Chapter was changed to reflect new style, with Vorahk arguing with the Narratorrahk, among other things. Running jokes also reversed for the Rahkshi.
  • Chapter 19: A new scene with Panrahk attempting to fix the sign was added, also an "Obb the Word Counting Kraata" was added in place of Bob the Word Counting Matoran.
  • Chapter 20: Makuta scene was expanded, also the epilogue was greatly lengthened with a fight between the two Narrators.
  • Chapter 21: Battle was expanded, and more "dead" BIONICLE characters were added to the scene with GregF claiming there is no killing in BIONICLE.
  • Chapter 22: No major changes were made.
  • Chapter 23: No major changes were made.
  • Chapter 24: Disney argument with Onua was added at the beginning to explain the references. New scene with BEC added.
  • Chapter 25: A discussion about Onua's job was added.
  • Chapter 26: "Real World" section was expanded, adding a scene in a bank safe and Lewa blowing away the money because it didn't look like gears.
  • Chapter 27: The Odina opening was expanded, the scene in the kitchen with Tahu suggesting Pieism to Tava was expanded, and a new scene was added between Tahu and Lewa (which also started Tahu's "I Accidentally" joke). The epilogue also included a reference by Onua to the fact that the chapter had half the cast strangely absent in the original.
  • Chapter 28: Onua now blames Tahu for Pieism in the intro, Tava is absent from the hotel at the beginning of the chapter, Tava now tries to recruit Tahu briefly, and the crazy driving scene is expanded.
  • Chapter 29: The dumbness of "brown version of Toa Onewa" was pointed out, BEC's speech is now slowed down with Fred's tape recorder to make it easier to read, and a scene was added with the KLC obtaining a Rahkshi suit.
  • Chapter 30: Whenua was added to the Ask Matau! group to reflect his addition to the main cast of that comedy, and Tahu uses his "I Accidentally" joke again.
  • Chapter 31: No major changes were made.
  • Chapter 32: The Pieonicle building now only features Pie rather than both Pie and Pi in the original, and a "Piekanuva," "Frpied," and "Pie Eyes Commander" were added to the Piea lineup as counters to Takanuva, Fred, and BEC.
  • Chapter 33: Almost everything was changed; due to the archive deletion after the previous chapter, this is the last chapter based directly on an older one (taken from memory of the original finale to the Pieism saga). Further chapters will be based loosely on memories of old chapters but will not be posted in the original order.


Lewa: After arguing that red characters always being the leader was a dumb idea, Lewa became the new leader of the Toa Nuva in Chapter 1. As such, he appointed himself manager when giving out jobs to each character, and spends much of his time in his Manager's Suite on the top floor of the hotel. Although he started out as a normal, if somewhat bossy, manager, he later became ever more obsessed with money, which in turn led him to become lazier and lazier. Generally, he is often seen lounging around in his suite, watching TV or reading, drinking smoothies, and relaxing in his personal massage chair. He typically comes up with the money-making schemes seen in later chapters, although these always fail.

In the remade Nuva Inn, Lewa was obsessed with money and laziness from the start, this even becoming his main motivation for starting the hotel in the first place. He has a rivalry with Takanuva and generally doesn't care about many things that don't directly involve him in some way (such as wanting to rescue Onua from being kidnapped just because he still owed Lewa 20 widgets).

Kopaka: A quieter member of the Toa Nuva, Kopaka was appointed to "janitator" when Lewa realized that there were no other jobs left. Kopaka rarely says much, except for the fact that he screams whenever he hears Takanuva (or someone he mistakes for Takanuva) say the word "No." He also occasionally will backwards scream if Takanuva says "Yes." Recently, after the addition of a random arena, condos, and a restaurant to the hotel, he has begun looking for an assistant to help him with his "janitating" duties, which he found in the form of Matoro Mahri.

In the remake, Kopaka is the quietest member of the cast, rarely having many lines other than the classic scream whenever Takanuva says "No."

Gali: After a strange accident in Chapter 2, Gali discovered that she was able to split herself into two, Gali1 and Gali2. Both Galis have the same personality: sane and calm but with little tolerance for characters acting excessivly stereotypical (especially Tahu). She split into two people in order to be able to do the jobs of both lifeguard and front desky person. After Strakk joined the group as another front desky person, she has been known to fuse with the Glatorian repeatedly whenever they crash into each other. No one is quite sure what the gender of these fusions is.

In the remake, Gali is more like her canon counterpart, though obsessed with the virtue of Unity to an extreme. She also tends to have parties with her "Literally Instant Party Mix," something that was seen occasionally in the original but now happens much more often. Gali is also the one to calm Tahu down when the latter goes on a burning/anger spree, usually by dumping water on his head.

Pohatu: Pohatu is the hotel's bellboy (referred to as "bellbottom" by Lewa and various other characters), and as such, is often the brunt of unintentional abuse. He is never allowed to use the elevator, and as such, must hoist customers' bags up many thousands of flights of stairs on a daily basis, especially when said bags include anvil or rock collections. He also likes people using exclamation points and question marks together, and is quick to point this out whenever anyone uses these punctuation marks, but typically gets interrupted by either "DON'T USE THAT JOKE!!" or "Old joke, (insert context here), not funny." This running joke has carried over into almost all other Lewa0111 comedies, and Pohatu appears in said comedies to say his line whenever anyone uses exclamation points and question marks together.

In the remake, Pohatu is further distinguished as being rather clueless compared to his fellow Toa, usually asking extremely dumb/obvious questions. He continues to take the brunt of abuse by hotel guests who arrive with large numbers of extremely heavy bags for him to carry up many stories.

Onua: Onua is the most underused of all of the Toa Nuva, often being forgotten completely for an entire chapter (although this is later lampshaded in future chapters by the characters). In later chapters, he is usually seen before the chapter starts, arguing with the narrator over things such as the chapter title or typos in the script. After one such spell, he was turned into a Toa Mata by the narrator, causing Tahu to laugh at him for the duration of the chapter. Recently, he has discovered that saying the word "Chugalabangerf" drives the narrator insane.

In the remake, Onua has a much more prominent role, as he appears in (almost) every introduction and epilogue of the chapters, usually criticizing or otherwise arguing with the narrator and/or the Title Writing Guy. Onua is also more intelligent in the remake than he was in the original, with his original personality mainly being given to Pohatu.

Tahu: Tahu is a stereotypical Toa of Fire--hotheaded, pyromaniac, and with a tendency to shout "BURN STUFF!" He works the restaurant kitchen, where he takes great delight in burning food, especially with his specialty, the Fire Pie, which is literally on fire when served.

Tahu is really not much different in the remake, though he has a more pronounced tendency to accidentally blow up the kitchen on a regular basis.

Takanuva: Although not technically a Toa Nuva, Takanuva was a part of the hotel staff from the start, being able to use his light powers and army of randomly appearing monkeys to build structures almost instantly. This gave him the position of "Construction Manager." He has since built the restaurant and arena for Lewa. He is known to use the word "No" a lot, prompting Kopaka to scream if he ever hears the Toa of Light use the word. When Takanuva says "Yes," Kopaka occasionally screams backwards. This running joke also appears in other comedies, with one or both of the two Toa appearing, saying their part of the joke, and then leaving.

In the remake, Takanuva has a more obvious rivalry with Lewa, though he continues to (grudgingly) repair things in the hotel at Lewa's command, usually the kitchen whenever it gets blown up by Tahu.

BEC: Short for Blue Eyes Commander. BEC is a Permanent Guest Star, although his BZP account has since been banned. His TNI personality is sarcastic, cynical, and extremely hyper, especially when given access to sugar or caffiene. Fred typically rides on his shoulder, and uses his plant control powers to restrain BEC when he becomes too hyper. HEOFTENTALKSLIKETHISESPECIALLYWHENHEHASSUGARORCAFFIENEYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! A running joke with him (although not seen outside the comedy) is that at 3:29 PM every day, a random Matoran appears and gives him sugar. He started out as a secondary front desky person but now appears to have no job at all aside from comic relief.

BEC returns in the remake, and has a somewhat more prominent role. A new running joke with him is guests being unable to understand his superfast hyper speech, with Fred having to record his speech and play it back slowed down for people to understand it.

Fred: Fred is a talking Kraata of Plant Control, picked up by BEC in a pet store. He has, for some unexplained reason, become attached to BEC, although he gets sick whenever BEC becomes too hyped up on sugar. He has many brothers and sisters, including the Kraata (now Rahkshi) of Letter Control.

In the remake, Fred is largely the same, although it was revealed that he is disliked by the Rahkshi, as proven when Turahk went on a tirade against him during their takeover.

Tava: Tava is a popular pie-obsessed Po-Matoran (now Toa) of Pie. He has appeared at least once in almost every one of Lewa0111's comedies, but he originated in TNI. He works the kitchen, alongside Tahu, where he specializes in various types of pie, but not much else. During the crossover saga with Ask Matau!, Tava became the leader of a religion based on pie, which eventually got out of hand. Besides the food, Tava's other interest is the number Pi, which he is fond of reciting whenever the word is mentioned (or even when it isn't.) He also apparently has the ability to conjure pies out of nowhere after becoming a Toa.

Tava is just as pie- and pi-obsessed as ever in the remake.

Gresh and Strakk: Gresh and Strakk are two Glatorian who wound up on Metru Nui, near the tunnels leading to Teridax's lair. Lewa at first mistook them for dead bodies, and stole twenty widgets from the 'dead' Gresh, who later woke up and beat Lewa up for stealing his money. Gresh, like seemingly all Air characters in Lewa0111's comedies, is egotistical and likes his money, possibly being even more money-obsessed than Lewa. He has recently been seen raising an army to take back one centiwidget (basically a penny) from Lewa, despite seeing a centiwidget on the ground near his feet during the recruiting. Strakk is still violent, but just for random purposes, and also works the front desk. He occasionally fuses with Gali for random reasons.

Neither has appeared in the remake as of yet.

Notable QuotesEdit

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