The BZ-Nui Hack Wars is Lewa0111's most recent and most successful comedy to date. It is a (mostly) prose comedy. It is unique among his comedies in that it takes place on "BZ-Nui," separate from the BIONICLE universe in which all of his other works take place in, as well as the fact that it is based on real-life events surrounding the actual Hack Wars and Time Slip that occurred in Spring 2009. It is currently accepting many guest stars.


The BZ-Nui Hack Wars revolves around three "citizens" (members) of the island of BZ-Nui (BZPower), which resides in the giant ocean of the Internet. Lewa0111, his friends Gabriella and Mesonak, and numerous other BZ-Nui citizens must work to unravel the reason behind Lewa0111's sudden banishment from the island and discover the true motivations behind the evil organization known only as the Ferrets in Beige. Their quest will take them beyond their home, from the horrific and noob-swamped Lego Message Boards to the poorly disguised island that serves as a "front" for the Ferrets in Beige, and even to the dreaded alternate universe of Real Life in order to uncover the secrets needed to defeat the Ferrets in Beige and restore peace to BZ-Nui.

The world of BZ-Nui is unique to Lewa0111's comedies, and takes place in a "story-version" of the BZP forums. This means that members such as Gabriella and Mesonak can do things such as trap enemies in "Ask" comedies to force them to answer questions, and travel to Completely Off Topic to find portals into other worlds.

Running JokesEdit

The following running jokes originated in this comedy:

  • Redundancy is redundant
  • "Six numbers? In a zip code?"
  • Subverted Spoof

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