Tava as a Matoran.

Tava is a random Po-Matoran (Gr-Membtoran in Comedicle) who has an obsession with Pie and Pi. He has his own Ask comedy and later becomes a Toa of Pie. Tava wears the Kanohi Pieru, the Mask of Pie Vision, which resembles the Noble Ruru except that it is a Great Mask, not a Noble Mask, and allows the user to detect pies rather than see in the dark.

Personality and AppearancesEdit


Tava's first appearance was in The Nuva Inn, Chapter 4. He arrived at the titular inn to tryout for a job, but arrived a chapter early. He, along with Dani and BEC, later returned in Chapter 5 for the REAL job tryouts; Tava became a permanent member of the cast ever since, as well as having small cameo roles in a number of other comedies.

The Nuva InnEdit

In The Nuva Inn, Tava is introduced as having an obsession with pie. This later becomes extended to the number Pi as well. In TNI, he is depicted as a Po-Matoran, who later becomes a Toa of Pie after finding the Pie of Light in a later chapter. As a Matoran, he has no powers, but has elemental control of Pie and Pi after becoming a Toa; this allows him to conjure pies of various "flavors" out of thin air. His obsession with pie later drove him to form a religion, called "Pieism," that spun out of control, prompting a long crossover saga with Ask Matau!. After this, Tava began insisting that all characters pronounce Pie with a capital letter. In early chapters, it was thought that the words "Pie" and "Pi" were all that he could say, although this turned out not to be true. Tava now has a mostly minor role in the comedy.


After the Pieism saga, Tava went on to form his own Ask comedy. This was originally only intended to have one chapter until it became popular enough that Lewa0111 continued it for a while. Tava is still a Toa of Pie in this comedy, as was the case in TNI, and he reveals that he was not actually a Po-Matoran, but a Pi-Matoran (similar to Takua being a disguised Av-Matoran). This comedy also features some Comedicle elements, most notably Tava's various custom-made pies. Hahli serves as his assistant in this comedy, and Bob the Pirate :pirate: is the primary antagonist, serving a similar role as in Ask Matau!.

Comedicle (QTFCJP)Edit

In the Comedicle Saga, Tava is a Membtoran living on the island of Funnie-Nui. He replaces Takua as the spoof counterpart, and retains many of his TNI characteristics, especially his love of pie and pi. This makes him very susceptible to bribes, as he ends up helping all of the villages on the island in exchange for insanely large numbers of pie. In the RPG chapters, his attacks are almost entirely pie-based, such as Atomic Pie and Panacea Pie. Tava has also created a number of custom-made pie flavors over the course of his adventure, including fishlightstonestatue pies, Cookies 'n' Creme Pies, and Emoticon Pies. If there is an object in the chapter, Tava will more than likely make it into a pie at some point. It is assumed that he will once again transform into a Toa of Pie, as in TNI, during the Mask of Light saga spoof, although this is not confirmed.


  • Tava's character and obsession was based around the character Luva, from the now-discontinued comedy Bionicle Game Show, one of TNI's main inspirations.
  • In TNI, during the Rahkshi saga, a Tava equivalent, Tavarahk, was introduced briefly. Tavarahk was obsessed with Anti-Pie and Anti-Pi, much in the same way that Tava was obsessed with Pie and Pi.
  • Tava is the only major Lewa0111 character to date who has not yet appeared in one of Lewa0111's Holiday Series comedies.
  • Comedicle Tava is referred to as "Prose Tava" in L#SC; likewise, TNI Tava is referred to as "Script Tava." Both are obsessed with Pie and Pi.

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