Random Matoran #35 is a Matoran who appears throughout various Lewa0111 comedies (and has occasionally been seen elsewhere). It is unknown if this is the same Random Matoran each time or a different one; however, #35 is nearly always the one who appears whenever a Random Matoran is specified by number.


Random Matoran #35 has been seen in The Nuva Inn, showing up in several chapters. His first ever appearance was in Chapter 3, during the Inn's opening, when he was seen waiting in line, but he has appeared many times since.

He has also been seen in Ask Matau!, most notably as the waiter who accidentally slingshotted Matau out of the restaurant in the first flashback of the comedy.

He has made minor cameos in Mata Nova, The BZ-Nui Hack Wars (where he is instead Random Member #35), and the various one-shot comedies.

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