O rly

O RLY? probably looks something like this.

O RLY? is an (apparently fictional) BZPower member. When a character in any of Lewa0111's comedies says O RLY?, then it is inevitable that the BZPower member O RLY? will come and bop them over the head with his notorious rubber mallet.

Origin and Running JokeEdit

O RLY?'s first known appearance was in The Nuva Inn. There, as part of a joke, a character accidentally said the words "O RLY?" in response to something, at which point O RLY? appeared out of nowhere, bopped him over the head with a rubber mallet, and disappeared. Since then, he has appeared in almost every one of Lewa0111's multi-post comedies to date. Occasionally, this will be used as a plot point, such as in TNI Chapter 66, when Tahu managed to knock Lewa unconscious by tricking him into saying "O RLY?." Also, if a character responds to this by saying, "YA RLY!," a character named YA RLY! will appear and attempt to bop him over the head with a mallet, before realizing that he doesn't actually exist.

O RLY? also will occasionally explain that he has his name copyrighted, prompting Keetongu to appear.

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