Welcome to the Lewa0111 Comedy Wiki!

The Lewa0111 Comedy Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about anything and everything related to the popular BZPower series of comedies written by Lewa0111! If this becomes popular enough, it can be expanded to include other comedies by other authors as well.

Happy birthday, Lewa#!


This wiki is my birthday gift to my real-life and BZPower friend, Lewa0111 himself. His comedies are among the best in the forum at the present time, and span a large universe of characters and situations that sometimes, but not always, intersect with the BIONICLE storyline. Any and all of his comedies can be found on BZPower.

With that said, any help on fleshing out this wiki would be much appreciated! Contact me, hsmbioniclegirl, with any questions, or find me on BZP! (Gabriella0111: Toa of Music) :

WE NEED PICTURES! Good job everyone on creating/expanding pages, but I'm looking for good pictures for most of the pages left. I found one for Lewa0111 but we still need more! If you find banners, etc. put them up, or just anything BIONICLE that's related to the comedies in question

PAGES NEEDING ATTENTION (a.k.a. still needing creation):

  • The Lewa0111 Holiday Series
  • Lewa0111's Inspirations
  • Inspired By Lewa0111
  • Kohlii
  • Gholph
  • Pohatu Puppet Pals
  • Web of Silliness
  • Island of Dume
  • The Crazy Bionicle Series
  • Lepal
  • Other One-Post Comedies

Latest activityEdit

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