Lewa0111's Noob Comedy Series is a three-part series, each consisting of single-post comedies. All three parts are written in script. None of the three parts have anything in common in terms of plot and characters, yet all three are written intentionally with excessive randomness, poor spelling, overused cliches, and random violence, in a parody of typical "noobish" comedies. At the end of each comedy, a "reason" for the noobish style will be revealed, typically meddling by a character from another comedy.

Aks Sum Ramdom Binnickle!Edit

tish is teh frist ov lwea01!1s noob komideez lolz pie is ramdom!!!1 go eet wrmz!


This is the first of Lewa0111's Noob Comedy series. It is done as a parody of an "Ask" comedy, with Bob the Pirate :pirate: revealing himself as responsible for the poor quality at the end of the chapter. It stars the Barraki and Toa Mahri, with various random appearances by other characters as part of the style. It uses excessive emoticons, spam cliches, insane and nonsensical violence, and poor horrible grammar, while having hardly any plot at all.

Interestingly, this comedy was received much better than its follow-ups, perhaps due to the many such parodies on the forum at the time it was posted.

Attak of da Rakhis!11Edit

te sekind ov teh neob komideez, tihs oen iz hliarous adn ramdom!!!!!1

Knock it off, Onooba.

Attak of da Rakhis!11 was the follow-up to Aks Sum Ramdom Binnickle!. In this comedy, the Toa Nuva are the main characters, and go to fight the Rahkshi, resulting in almost everyone exploding and dying, excessive emoticons (including a few that aren't real), and complete randomness. Like the first, it was intentionally written with bad spelling and grammar. At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that Onooba, from Comedicle, re-wrote Lewa0111's comedy this time. Uniquely in the series, this one features a parody of excessive guest stars and requests for guest star forms, stating "now excepting 8 million pgs and 167 million gs!!!!!!!!"

It was received a little bit more poorly than the first, with a few reviewers not getting the joke and thinking that the mistakes were unintentional.

Bionikel Iin The Yeer 2936!11!1Edit

This, the third in the series, was written as a parody of the entire BIONICLE series as a whole; namely, the constant introduction and transformations of characters for the purpose of releasing more sets. It tells the story of GregF writing the 2936 storyline, in which they find out that the Toa Nuva died, the Barraki transformed, the Toa Emoticons were released as the new Toa team, and 11 new virtues were introduced. Acid rain falls, creating six Toa Rain and six Makuta Rain, before a UFO beams up Teridax, the lone survivor of a battle, and splits him into twelve parts, with six good guys and six bad guys for the new sets. Turaga Vakama was responsible for the quality of the comedy this time, as he became cynical after all of the transformations, saying, "Adn so gregf got rly rich adn he winned. taht iz te wae uv the binnikle!!!!!!" This comedy also featured a faux Guest Star request, saying, "now excepting every bzp member in te werlld to gs!"

In this one, the joke was missed by the most reviewers, who also thought that this comedy was written in the style it was unintentionally. Unfortunately, the comedy was later closed due to a rule regarding chatspeak.


  • In Part 3, the six Toa Emoticons are all based on characters from other comedies: Eddie, Toa of B) is Eddie the Spam Deleter from Ask Matau!; Bob, Toa of :pirate: and Joe, Toa of :wakeup2: are Bob the Pirate and Joe the Coffee Rahkshi, respectively; Chewbacca, Toa of��:alien: is based on the Chewbacca running joke seen in The Nuva Inn; iToa, Toa of :music: is based on Gabriella, Toa of Music from The Story of Toa Gabriella, co-written by Lewa0111; and Police, Toa of :alert: is based on the Random BZP Mod who appears in most of Lewa0111's comedies, using the :alert: emoticon.

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