An interpretation of Lewa0111's BIONICLE appearance.

Lewa0111 is a popular author in BZPower's Comedies forum as well as being known for helping out in New Member Q&A. Many consider him to be the most popular active comedy author of today, alongside SPIRIT, and is especially well known for his numerous comedies, written in both prose and script form (and, in at least one case, written in a mixture of the two). His other aliases on BZPower have been lewa0111, Nite Owl II, and Lewa0111 Nuva (upcoming). He describes his BIONICLE form as being a green Toa Metru with silver armor and wearing a silver Miru.

BZP CareerEdit

Lewa0111 began his career as a member of BZPower in February 2006. Originally viewing the forums as a guest for the purpose of catching up on the storyline (having dropped off during the Metru Nui era), he found his way to the comedies forum. One in particular caught his mind, entitled Mata Nui General Store by Sir TMN (no longer active). This comedy inspired him to write The Nuva Inn, which was why he became a member. After going on to write several more comedies, including a few unpopular ones, he tried using a prose style for his next comedy, "Comedicle." This was an instant hit, and because of this, he became one of the most popular comedy authors on the forums.

Sometime in March 2009, a string of hackings occurred on BZPower. Lewa0111 became a victim of these hackers, who used his account to send malicious PM's to various members. Because of this, he was banned; however, thanks to a movement begun by Toa Gabriella: Toa of Music and Mesonak--The Shadow Warlord, among others, he was eventually allowed to return to the forums after the hackings had subsided. This event would later inspire him to write a comedy providing a hilarious look at these events, entitled "The BZ-Nui Hack Wars." It has nearly surpassed Comedicle in popularity.

He remains an active member today, still updating his comedies when he has time and also helping out in NM Q&A when needed. He also participates in several games in Bionicle Games and Trivia.


The following is a partial list of all comedies that he has written on BZPower, not including his many single-post comedies commemorating special events:

The Nuva Inn: This was his first comedy on BZPower, inspired by Mata Nui General Store. TNI is a comedy focusing on the misadventures of the six Toa Nuva, Takanuva, a talking Kraata named Fred, and Tava as they struggle to earn money by running a hotel.

Ask Matau!: This was Lewa0111's second comedy (and yes, the exclamation point is part of the title). As its name implies, this is an "Ask" style comedy, revolving around the extremely egotistical Matau, his six pet Visorak, his so-called "girlfriend" Nokama, and a villain with an emoticon in his name. Various appearances by the other four Toa Metru, especially self-effacing Vakama and jealous rival Onewa, are seen as well, along with several other characters. A crossover saga between this comedy and TNI can be found in a few of the middle chapters.

Web of Silliness: A spoof of Web of Shadows. This comedy is already completed, and was one of Lewa0111's least popular comedies on the forum. This comedy did spawn a few popular running jokes that have since been used in other comedies, including Stopstealingmylines and Stopcallingmyname, as well as O RLY?.

Island of Dume: A spoof of Island of Doom, this was another unpopular comedy. Lewa0111 cancelled it after a few chapters, deciding instead to save future jokes and plans for the '06 saga of Comedicle.

Comedicle (Quest for the Comedy Jokes of Power): Originally known as QFTCJP, this comedy is Lewa0111's first prose comedy. It is a spoof of the entire BIONICLE storyline with a BZPower and Comedy Forum theme to it. Almost all characters are Guest Star spoofs of regular BIONICLE characters, although Tava does make an appearance as Takua, among others. So far, it covers the 2001 and most of the 2002 storylines.

Ga-Metru School Musical: This comedy and its sequel are spoofs of High School Musical. When Jaller is busy trying to get his kohlii (NOT Kohlii) team to practice for the championship, he finds himself sidetracked by the pretty Ga-Matoran, Hahli. Then hilarity ensues. These comedies are also among the more popular of his works.

AxXon: A spoof of ExXon Gas Stations, this comedy follows a mismatched group of characters: Axonn (who changed his name to Axxon), Brutaka, Jaller, Hahli, and Minifigure Kongu as they try to run a gas station. Although it has been mostly discontinued, it was a popular script comedy, and may be updated again in the future.

Lewa#'s School of Comedy: Lewa0111's great crossover. The characters of several of his most popular comedies must attend school together. Naturally, insanity happens, including the narrators being unable to decide which characters are in script and which are in prose! Features the VAHKI (Very Awesome Hallmonitors Keeping the Icecream).

2009 Theories: The first ever comedy written in the style of BZP topics. Several BIONICLE characters have BZP accounts and debate various theories on the future storyline. Has spawned numerous similar comedies, including two written by Lewa0111 himself.

The BZ-Nui Hack Wars: A comedy inspired by Lewa0111's own dealings with being banned from BZP. Lewa0111, his friends Gabriella and Mesonak, and several others must fight a mysterious group of hackers who intend to take over the Island of BZ-Nui. But with Lewa0111 banned from the island, he must search the wide ocean of the Internet to find help to take back his membership while Gabriella and Mesonak work from within. The most popular of his comedies to date.

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