Ga-Metru School Musical is a series by Lewa0111, written in prose. It is a BIONICLE spoof of the "High School Musical" series of films, featuring some new characters as well as characters from Lewa0111's other comedies. So far, it has two installments, plus special features. The second comedy is currently underway.

Ga-Metru School MusicalEdit

Ga-Metru School Musical was Lewa0111's second prose comedy. It is a spoof of the original "High School Musical," set on Metru Nui and featuring a budding romance between Jaller and Hahli during the weeks leading up to East-West-North High's championship Kohlii kohlii game and the auditions for Legends of Metru Nui: The Musical. In addition to the main characters, Cameo, O RLY?, Makuta Teridax, a Random Rahkshi, and Keetongu all made appearances.

Character SpoofsEdit

The following is a list of all HSM characters and their GMSM equivalents. Most characters are the same as their counterparts in other comedies, unless noted otherwise.

  • Troy = Matoran Jaller
  • Gabriella = Matoran Hahli
  • Chad = Takua
  • Taylor = Nixie
  • Sharpay = Roodaka
  • Ryan = Krekka
  • Coach Bolton = Coach Tahu (Not the TNI Tahu!)
  • Mrs. Montez = Gali (Not the TNI Gali!)
  • Kelsi = Macku
  • Mrs. Darbus = Turaga Nokama
  • Zeke = Sidorak (Not the Pokerahi Sidorak)
  • Nerdy Matoran #1 = Kopeke
  • Nerdy Matoran #2 = Piehead
  • Nerdy Matoran #3 = That Random Onu-Matoran From The Sundial (TROMFTS)

Song ListEdit

The following songs, in order, are the spoofs of their respective HSM songs. No spoof has yet been made for "I Can't Take My Eyes Off You."

  • Jaller Can't Remember the Song
  • "Get'cha Head into Kohlii (And Stop Capitalizing The 'K'!)"
  • Auditions
  • "Believe To Hard It's"
  • "Stick to the Storyline"
  • "i hate hahli!!!!!!!!!111One"
  • "Bob to the Top"
  • "braking frree!"
  • "We're All Emoticonning Together"

Running JokesEdit

The following running jokes originated here:

  • Cameo (appliance-throwing joke)
  • The Script-Prose Conversion Lever
  • The Passive/Active Voice Changer
  • Quality Control Dial
  • Don't Capitalize the "K" in "kohlii"
  • "Only a moron would ___"; then Krekka walks by doing ___
  • The character Everyone (really, any wordplay jokes at all)

Special FeaturesEdit

Ga-Metru School Musical became popular enough that Lewa0111 began expanding after the end of the comedy with a "Special Features" section. It featured "menu screens" on which a Big Arrow would click on things while various GMSM characters and HSM actors/actresses would comment. It only got to the credits, Sing-Along (which featured full lyrics to all the songs used, since most of them were interrupted halfway through during the main comedy) and the Making Of spoof documentary before Lewa0111 left the comedy to focus on GMSM 2. He plans to finish the special features for this and GMSM 2 after the latter is done before going on to the third installment.

Ga-Metru School Musical 2Edit

GMSM 2 was started shortly after the beginning of the original GMSM's special features began. GMSM 2 spoofed High School Musical 2 (duh), and was more storyline-conscious than the original was, being set in a resort on Bara Magna as the characters are worrying about not getting a role in the 2009 storyline. It generally featured more characters than the original, and included the first ever deleted scene: a spoof of the song "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a."


The same characters from the original return, with the addition of some new spoofs, listed here:

  • Mr. Fulton = Turaga Vakama
  • Martha = Krahka
  • Mrs. Evans = Gorast
  • Mr. Evans = Makuta Teridax
  • Jason = Hewkii
  • Sharpette #1 = Katie (A.K.A. Random Boggarak #125)
  • Sharpette #2 = Khriia (Female Av-Matoran)
  • Sharpette #3 = Kailani


Just like before, the songs, in order, are spoofs of their respective HSM 2 songs. This time, however, Lewa0111 did decide to spoof the deleted song "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a," as well as the scene that went with it.

  • "What Time Is It!? (2:29!)"
  • "Me, Me, Me"
  • "Make Some Sense (Or Cents)"
  • "You're the Matoran for Me"
  • "Kanohiavohkiiknownasthemaskoflight"
  • "I Can Dance (You Really Can't)"

Running JokesEdit

  • Capitalize the "G" in "Gholph"
  • It's 2:29 PM
  • Songs are Easier to Type In Script
  • "Blink-Worthy"
  • No Slapping Forehead Emoticon
  • "Tahu" being Jaller's last name


  • This series has become best known for its constant uses of wordplay. While not really running jokes per se, random characters named things such as "Random Blue Girl Who No One Cares About" and "Everyone" make appearances whenever their name is said.
  • These two are Lewa0111's only comedies to have anything after the main story's end. GMSM 2 is planned to have special features in a similar fashion to the original.
  • The GMSM series, along with Comedicle, Pokerahi, Pohatu Puppet Pals, and Web of Silliness, are the only multi-part comedies to have planned "endings," owing to their natures as being spoofs of other materials.
  • The East-West-North "Muakas" kohlii team made an appearance in two chapters of L#SC during a kohlii match against the title school. Other than this, none of the GMSM characters have appeared in that comedy.

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