Fred is a secondary character in The Nuva Inn.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Fred is a Kraata of Plant Control. Based on this, although it is never actually described in TNI, Fred is a red and black Kraata with the ability to control plants. Fred "convinced" BEC to buy him by strangling him with vines. Fred now rides on BEC's shoulder, and dislikes his sugar rushes. He is also very proud of his power, as evidenced by his song in the Christmas Special saga of The Nuva Inn, which describes all of the great things about Plant Control. Fred is also capable of growing large trees in the middle of the hotel to impale others on the ceiling, typically enemies and/or Pohatu.


Fred was first found in Chapter 7.5 of The Nuva Inn, when the Toa Nuva went to purchase a pet. Fred was found being hidden underneath the desk, and the Toa discovered that he could talk, apparently the only Kraata to do so (although the Kraata of Letter Control can also talk, this may be just him speaking in his own language, as no non-Kraata or Rahkshi ever interact with him.) Fred has appeared often in the earlier chapters, but later was relegated to a minor appearance now and then, along with BEC, in more recent chapters after more and more characters were introduced.


  • Fred is the only major TNI character not to appear in any other Lewa0111 comedy to date, even L#SC.
  • Fred played Yoda in the Star Wars prequel spoofs.
  • Interestingly, during their constant attempts to take over the Inn, the Rahkshi treat Fred as an enemy, despite being a Kraata. This may be because he is a "good guy."

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